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SCSE Time Table and ERP coordinators

SCSE Time Table and ERP coordinators

by Galgotias University LMS -
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Dear SCSE Students,

In case your are facing any issues in iCloud or timetable, pls contact the below mentioned Time Table and ERP  Coordinators:

School In-Charge Programme Cabin No. e-Mail Id Phone Number

SCSE - DCSE Dr P Sudhakar B.Tech First Year C-424 9965530858

SCSE - DCSE Dr. Ravi Sharma B.Tech CSE Second Year (Section 1 Section 12) C-335 9807279261

SCSE - DCSE Mr Rashmi Rathi Upadhyay B.Tech CSE Second Year (Section 13 Section 23) C-452 7387456533

SCSE - DCSE Mr Arunendra  Mani Tripathi B.Tech CSE Second Year (All Specialisations) C-325 9999451451

SCSE - DCSE Mr Arvindhan M B.Tech CSE Third Year (Section 1 to Section 12) C-231 9597820268

SCSE - DCSE Mr Satheesh Kumar B.Tech CSE Third Year (All Specialisations) C-331 9524185817/8667067574

SCSE - DCSE Mr A Boobalan B.Tech CSE Fourth Year C-335 9843292193/8287827128

SCSE - DCSE Dr K M Baalamurugan B.Tech CSE (Overall) C-319 9790635955

SCSE - DCA Dr P. Muthusamy BCA / MCA / M.SC / B.SC (Overall) C-435 9790155120

SCSE - DCA Mr K Prabu BCA / MCA / M.SC / B.SC (Overall) C-435 9080340376

You issues will be amicably resolved.